Parliamentary elections

Verified 20 June 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Parliamentary elections are used to elect members of Parliament. The deputies sit in the National Assembly. They are elected by direct universal suffrage by French voters registered to vote. The voting method is a majority vote with 2 rounds.

In general elections, french voters registered to vote elect members of parliament.

You can check your registration on the electoral roll:

Verify your voter registration and polling station

If you are not already registered, you must to make the request.

You can apply for registration throughout the year.

But in an election year, you must meet a deadline (no later than 6e Friday before 1er election round, unless you are in a special situation).


In France

You can vote:

You can check your polling station and proxy using this online service:

Verify your voter registration and polling station


the polling station is open from 8am to 6pm.

From the foreigner

You can vote:

Members shall be elected by direct universal suffrage, by 2-round majority vote and by constituencies.

On the 1st round

To be elected on 1er in turn, a candidate must obtain:

  • more than 50% of votes cast
  • and a number of votes at least equal to 25% the number of registered voters.

If no candidate is elected on 1er tower, a 2d tour is organized a week later.

In the second round

Only certain candidates can apply at 2d tower:

  • The 2 candidates who came out on top
  • Subsequent candidates, provided that they have obtained a number of votes at least equal to 12.5% the number of registered voters.

At 2d In turn, the candidate who obtains the largest number of votes is elected. In the event of a tie, the oldest of the candidates is elected.

The term of office of the deputies is 5 years (unless the National Assembly is dissolved).

The next parliamentary elections are held in 2027.