Carte grise Change of name following divorce: should the

Verified 01 January 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise If you have a family name in your family name, divorce, and keep the vehicle, you can have it changed to show only your family name.

Carte grise If your spouse agrees, you can choose to keep his or her name as your preferred name on your website. Carte grise On the other hand, if you remarry, you will automatically lose your username and you will have to request a name change on your

You can also keep your spouse's name as a common name in case of a legitimate interest, even if he or she does not agree. In particular, so that the name of the parent(s) remains the same as that of the children.

The procedure is to be carried out online using the following online service:

Carte grise Request a new one

You must identify yourself via France Connect.

A digital copy device (scanner, digital camera, smartphone or tablet equipped with a photo function) is required.

Of numeric dots (with computers, printers and scanners) are available in each prefecture and in most sub-prefectures. You can do the walk there. You can be assisted by digital mediators if you have difficulties using the Internet.

You can also be accompanied in your approach by a France Services house :

Who shall I contact


carte grise it is now no longer possible to request a referral from the prefecture or sub-prefecture.

You must bring a digital copy (photo or scan) of the following documents:

Please note

if the vehicle was in the name of the two spouses and a judgment assigns it to only one of the ex-spouses, you can also to withdraw the reference to the spouse carte grise on the

If you're doing it for someone else, you need to have a digital copy of the mandate signed and of identity document.

Carte grise You must certify on the honor that the applicant of the vehicle has a certificate of insurance of the vehicle and a driving license corresponding to the category of vehicle registered.

You do not have to attach a digital copy (photo or scan) of the driver's license. However, this may be requested when your file is being examined.

You will have to pay the sum of €13.76 (fixed fee of €11 + charge for routing €2.76). You must obligatory pay by credit card.

At the end of the procedure, you get the following 3 items:

  • File Number
  • Acknowledgement of registration of your application
  • Provisional Certificate of Registration (PIC), which you must print. The CPI allows you to circulate for 1 month, only in France, carte grise while waiting to receive your

Carte grise You will be given the definitive secure fold at your home in a period which may vary.

You can follow the progress of its manufacture on the Internet:

Carte grise Follow your request to

Please note

carte grise you must keep the old one for 5 yearsand then destroy it.