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Unemployment: personal training account (PTA) of a jobseeker

Verified 12 April 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you have worked before, you have a personal training account (CPF). Your CPF is not powered during your period of unemployment. However, you can use acquired rights as an employee. To know your acquired rights, log in directly to your CPF account. Only certain training courses are eligible for the CPF.

If you've ever worked, you have a personal training account (PTA) but it will not be fed during the period of unemployment.

However, you can use vested rights when you were an employee.

If you've never worked, you don't have a CPF.


if you combine your unemployment benefit with income from part-time work, you can acquire rights to your CPF in proportion to your working time in the year.

Information on acquired rights

To know the rights acquired on your CPF, log in to My Training Account, personal and secure.

If your account has not yet been activated, you must sign in with your social security number.

Your account gives you personalized information. In particular:

  • Your vested rights and those used
  • Training courses available to you
  • How to finance the training you can receive

My Training Account

Use of acquired rights

If you have sufficient rights on your CPF to complete the proposed training, your project is considered to be validated under the personalized project for access to employment (PPAE). He doesn't need permission from Pôle emploi.

If your rights are insufficient, Pôle emploi must validate the training project in order to implement the funding (Opacif, State, region, etc.).

In any case, you must inform your Pôle emploi advisor of your approach during your interviews.

Who shall I contact

Please note

you can contact the counseling for professional development (CEF) to prepare your vocational training project.


the support and advisory measures offered to company creators or buyers are not admitted to the CPF. However, this is not the case if the training is fully funded, notably by Pôle emploi and theApec: titleContent.

You can also take training in a member country of the European Union. This is possible if you are not registered with Pôle emploi and there is an agreement between Pôle emploi and the public body of the country concerned.

To search for eligible training, you go to the training account website (with your social security number):

My Training Account

Educational and mobility costs (transport, meals, accommodation) may be covered by Pôle emploi.

These costs are covered provided the training is funded or co-funded by Pôle emploi under certain conditions.

You can take care of the case yourself or have it completed by your Pôle emploi advisor.

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