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What is the sports coupon?

Verified 20 September 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Sports vouchers are vouchers that you (and your family members) can use to pay for the following expenses:

  • Sports Licence
  • Membership in a sports association
  • Sports courses or courses

There are coupons of €10, €15 and €20.

It's the same as for holiday voucher. Instead of paying €10 in cash or by check, you give a €10.

How to get them?

To obtain sports vouchers, several solutions are available to you depending on your situation:

Private sector employees

You can contact your Social and Economic Committee (CSE).

Public Service Officer

Territorial Public Service

You can contact your staff association or friendly.

Public assistance - Paris Hospitals

You can contact the Association for the Management of Social Works of Parisian Government Employees.

Who shall I contact


You can contact the National Social Action Committee or Plurélya, if your employer is affiliated with one of these organisations.

Who shall I contact

You can collect coupons from different organisations.

What is their cost?

You may be required to pay for these coupons. Your participation will always be less than the value of the vouchers.

Your terms and conditions may be taken into account when calculating your financial contribution.

Where to use them?

Not all sports facilities accept sports vouchers. A list of structures that accept these vouchers is available online:

Currency rendering is not allowed: if membership in an association costs less than the coupon value, you will not get any money back.


the sports voucher cannot be used by sports equipment or clothing suppliers.

How long are they valid?

Coupons are valid for 2 years in addition to the year they were issued.

Example :

A coupon issued in May 2020 will be valid until December 31, 2022.

What if you don't use them?

If you do not use your sports vouchers, you can exchange them until March 31 of the year following the end of validity (minimum amount of €30). You must make your online exchange request on the following platform:

Request the exchange of your sports coupon