What is changing in May 2023

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Increase in the minimum wage by 2.22%, increase in the minimum wage in the civil service, increase in the price of tobacco, new amounts paid from 1er may for family benefits upgraded to 1er april, new edition of May by bike... discover all the news of this month of May with

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From 1er May, the Smic rises by 2.22%, or about €30 net per month. The minimum salary index for staff and contractors in the three public services (State, hospital and territorial) is raised by the same level.


The price of tobacco goes up to 1er May, discover the new tariff nomenclature published by the Customs Directorate. If you heat with wood, you have until May 31 to apply for the “wood energy” check.


Covid vaccine: A booster campaign has been in place for the most vulnerable since April 27 and until June 16. May 31st is the deadline for building your Student Social Record (SSR) if you want to apply for a scholarship on social criteria or for a university residence. The social and family benefits paid by the CAF and the MSA are increased as each year at 1er April, the new amounts are effective on the May payment. Per diems in the event of a work stoppage increase to 1er May.


The deadlines for online declarations are set according to your department, check the one that concerns you. For departments 1 to 19, the deadline is 25 May. Can't declare online? The deadline for filing the paper return is May 22.


The 2022 performance indicators have just been published for general, technological and vocational secondary schools, public or private under contract. Outcome indicators for colleges are also being released this year.


A new application to facilitate access to justice,



Celebrate the bike with May by bike ! Soon a new yellow light to secure pedestrian crossings: discover this experiment that will be implemented in 7 cities of France.


Take part in the European Museum Night on Saturday, April 13, 2023.

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