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Driver's license points: can we lose them all at once?

Verified 18 août 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, you can lose all your points at once if you hold a probationary license or if you have only 8 points on your license.

General case

If you have all your points (12 points), you cannot lose your license at once.

Indeed, it can be removed at most 8 points if you commit several offenses at the same time.

However, certain offenses may result in judicial annulment driving license even if these offenses do not result in a total withdrawal of points. Examples: driving under the influence of alcohol, manslaughter.

You have a probationary license

You can lose all your points if you commit one or more offenses..

Example :

Your breath control reveals an alcohol level greater than 0.2g/l in the blood. This offense then results in a 6-point withdrawal from your license (or all) if you are in 1re year of your probationary license..

Example :

You commit several offenses at once. For example, an excess of speed ⩾ at 30km/h above the authorized limit (- 3 points) + non-compliance with safety distances (- 3 points) = 6 points, i.e. all points of the probationary license during the 1re year.

If you lose 6 points during the 1re year of the probationary license, you cannot get them back.

Your license loses its validity. You can no longer drive for 6 months or follow road safety awareness training..

You must repeat the general theoretical (code) and practical (driving) tests of the permit.

You can take the tests without waiting for the end of the driving ban.