Single parent family

From 1 Nov. 2022

50% increase in family support allowance as of November 2022

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The Family Support Allowance (FSA) paid to a single parent raising one or more children without support is increased by 50% as of November 2022. This increase in the amounts of the family support allowance is fixed in a decree published in Official Journal of 28 October 2022. Supporting single-parent families is one of the government's priority policies.

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Starting in November, the family support allowance (FSA) or “minimum maintenance” is increased by 50%, from €122.93 to €184.41 per month and per child when raised by a single parent.

BSO increases from €163.87 to 245.80 € per month and per child when the child is taken in and one or both parents do not contribute to the costs of education.

This family benefit is paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA).

This Family Support Allowance (FSA) supplement will not be taken into account for the calculation of active solidarity income (SSA) and activity premium. This measure will reduce the poverty rate of single-parent families by 2.2 percentage points. Nearly 800,000 families are affected by the family support allowance in 2022.


The amount of the BSO is determined on the basis of percentages from the monthly Family Allowance Scale (€439.17 ), these percentages are now set at 56.25% (child taken) and 42.2% (child raised by one parent).

Who is eligible for the Family Support Allowance (FSA)?

To be eligible for the Family Support Allowance (FSA), you must meet the following conditions:

  • living alone with a child under 20 (separation, non-recognition of their child, or death of one parent);
  • reside in France;
  • have at least one dependent child for whom the other parent has not participated in the maintenance for at least one month or pays you support of less than € 184.41 per child per month.

From November 2022, if the amount of support received is less than €184.41, you will receive the differential family support allowance. The Caf or the MSA will automatically pay you a supplement allowing you to reach € 184.41.

The BSO may be paid as an advance when the other parent ceases to pay the maintenance that has been fixed, and the FCA or AMM then initiates a recovery procedure with the other parent.

If you already receive this benefit, you have nothing to do, the increase will automatically take effect upon the December 2022 payment. 

If you have not yet applied and meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a BSO at the Caf or to the MSA.

Please note

According to INSEE, children in single-parent families are more likely than others to be in poverty. In 2018, 41 per cent of minor children living in single-parent families live below the poverty line and are therefore poor, compared to 21 per cent of all children. In one-third of lone-parent families, the parent with whom they reside most of the time has no job. One-third of lone-parent families are poor, and 80% of lone-parent families are women.